This is a free resource made to aid parrot professionals and owners who wish to gain a deeper understanding of how to interpret parrot body language. 

Please note that this resource is still under construction. If something looks odd or you encounter any bugs, get in touchThe site is best viewed on desktop or laptop. The mobile version is under construction and will not function well as of yet.  



Who is this resource for?

This resource is for everyone that wants to learn about parrot body language beyond the basics. It was made with especially parrot behavior consultants, zoos, shelters and veterinary practices in mind; to act as an aid when educating staff and clients. It can also be used by parrot owners looking to gain a deeper understanding about parrot communication.  

Who made this? 

This resource was made by Stephanie Edlund, CPBC. Stephanie has worked professionally with parrots for over a decade in various roles, including as a trainer, zookeeper, behavior consultant and as a veterinary technician. She is currently studying biology at Stockholm University. 

How is it funded? 
By you and me!
This resource has taken
hundreds of unpaid hours spent reading through research, observing parrots, writing, formatting, discussing ideas with colleagues and everything else that goes in to webdesign, teaching and compiling large quantities of information. The direct costs associated with this resource includes web hosting, stock images and video, hardware and equipment, editing software and more. 

Contributions received at the time of publishing (September 2020) include:


  • Crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo (1 640 USD, 2016)

  • The IAATE education scholarship (400 USD, 2016)

  • A donation from the IAABC (100 USD, 2016)

All received donations include 25% VAT according to Swedish regulations. 


Where does the information in this resource come from? 

Sources are cited for specific claims whenever possible in the text. You will find direct links in the text, as well as a compilation of cited references at the bottom of each page where applicable. However, the reader should be aware that a lot of the information on this site, especially in part 1, is anecdotal. As of today there is very little published research on parrot body language, therefore a lot of the information is based on personal observations as well as the observations of colleagues. I have tried to make sure that it is clear to the reader when a factual claim is made and when it is not. To make sure it reflects current best practice/understanding, the information has been- and is constantly being peer reviewed by other parrot professionals. Any input is always welcome: if you would like to contribute or if you have suggestions or thoughts on any of the content, please get in touch! Feel free to provide anonymous feedback. 
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